Discontinuation of Milk Route Product Line

We wish to inform you all that the Milk Route consumer product line will no longer be available for consumers until further notice. We will also temporarily suspend milk procurement from farmers in specific geographic regions.

This step that we have taken is consistent with our efforts to ensure long-term sustainability for all of the stakeholders involved (our dairy farmers, customers, investors and employees). This is a step which symbolizes progress and our responsibility to markets and society.

The MYA way and the Milk Route brand is NOT about paying the highest price to the dairy farmer or selling milk at the lowest price to the customer at the cost of destroying shareholder value. Our objective has always been to ensure that our dairy farmers be benchmarked with the best in the world in terms of productivity (quality and quantity of milk per cow) and that economic growth be balanced with human progress. But with the current market prevailing in Karnataka and India in terms of milk procurement costs, logistics cost, marketing costs, sales and distribution costs and irresponsible government intervention in the form of subsidies, it's made it unviable and impossible for us to provide the dairy farmer the right price, the customer the right milk quality, and the cows the care that they deserve.... all at a price that can be borne by all.

Going forward, our single minded focus will be to transform milk quality and income levels of dairy farmers by deploying technology and programs in Animal Breeding, Animal Health, Animal Housing and Clean Milk Production AT A PRICE THAT CAN BE BORNE BY ALL (dairy farmers, customers, investors, employees etc).

Our highest allocation of capital will continue to be towards increasing the ‘Take-home’ income for the farmer through increased productivity per cow and at the lowest cost per litre of milk, which contributes to reducing food inflation, increasing farmer incomes, improving the quality and quantity of milk consumed within a rural and an urban household, enhancing MYA's sustainability, and making Milk Route a stronger brand.

Please be rest assured that we are not going away. We have only chosen not compete in a market that works on pricing levels that compromises on milk quality, animal care and welfare of the dairy farmer. We are setting out on an exciting new journey that will make MYA and the Milk Route brand emerge much stronger from it.

We thank you all for being associated with Milk Route for all these years.